Full writing guide to compare and contrast essay

The compare and contrast essay is common in schools. Two subjects are involved and they are usually similar to each other. It might be comparing and contrasting one university to the other, or any two subjects that are closely related to each other.

Instructors use this topic to bring the best out of their student's analytical and comparative skills. This will help the students to bring the best out of their comparative skills.

This type of essay does the following for students:

Finding the best topic

Extra care should be taken in your choice of topic. The topic that you are to choose should not be too drastic in their differences or else, you are going to find it difficult to make a comparison. Choose a topic that you are very passionate about. If you want to brainstorm on the topics; the following tips will be of help:

Categories: Choose a category and try and figure out the contrasts between the two. It might be related to the animal kingdom or star wars.

Dig deep: When you have decided on a topic; do not start on the surface of the topic; rather, dig deep to get some facts about the topic. You can get out a topic through the fact that you have discovered which will attract the interest of your readers and excite your Instructor to award you the higher grades.

You can go online to get ideas on great topics that you can write on. Do not choose a topic that has been overused because it will not fetch you the expected marks. You are expected to appear very unique in your presentation and only topics that are not common can give you such benefits.

Do not make the mistake of listing the similarities and differences because things will not work out in that way. Your compare and contrast essay should not look like a grocery list. 

The essay outline is in two different formats. The block structure on one hand and the point by point structure of approach on the other hand. Both of them have their pros and cons. The block method is the easier of the two. Students that use the point-by-point method have more to do in terms of explanations that they are going to make. Students have to analyze the points on their own to make things clearer to the readers. 

Final thoughts

The template above represents all that is required to get the best out of the compare and contrast essay.

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