The best approach to begin a narrative essay

In any good piece of writing, the beginning is very important to the overall effectiveness of the paper. In narrative essays, special attention should be paid to the introduction because this is the place to get the attention of your readers.

It should be catchy; this will encourage the readers to proceed to the next chapter and end up reading the entire script. If you are having issues with the narrative part of the essay; then we have tips here that will help in resolving the major issues. 

The points in the narrative essay

If any student is to have a brilliant shot at this essay; then there should be a perfect understanding of the specifics involved in the essay. Students are expected to describe real or fictional events in the form of a storyline. 

The plot must begin with a catchy introduction. This is where you are expected to arrest the curiosity of your readers. This should be followed by a clear plotline that you wanted your story to follow. Thereafter, you are expected to create an atmosphere that will be electrifying for your reader’s consumption.

After all the above steps, it is expected that you take your readers to the climax of your narrative. Thereafter, you are expected to end up with a convincing conclusion. You are expected to write in a first-person singular which will be a detailed first-person experience. However, there are objections to this rule.

There are various ways to start the introduction which is targeted at getting the attention of the readers. It all depends on the choice of the student. Here are some of the ways you can begin the opening lines of the narrative in a way that will arrest the attention of the readers.


Getting it right with the opening lines of the narrative will not come easy. This is the reason why most students find it difficult to get a good start. The tips above will serve useful purposes for students that want to have a brilliant start to their narrative essay.

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