How-to guide on gun control essays

The events that are happening around us bring about the issue of gun control. Do we need gun control laws? Is it right for everyone to own a gun for self-defense? The mass shootings to occur in some parts of the world have brought about the topic of gun control.

You are going to get all that you need to write a gun control paper in your own opinion here. Everything that you need to make a success out of the topic is given below. Enjoy!

Take Your stand

Get your stats from reliable sources. Are you aware that 33 people die every day in the US of gunshot wounds? Know the arguments for and against. The knowledge of both sides of the coin is important if you are to make the best out of the essay. 

When you have looked at both sides of the coin; you can now take a stand on which side of the divide you want to take.

Steps in writing the essay

There is a definite approach to this type of essay. The approach is broken down into three simple steps which will lead to having a perfect result. Here we go:

The definition of the concept of gun control should be your starting point. Make sure you give the dictionary definition and general facts about types of firearms. Give the statistics that are available on gun control to support your definition.

After allowing your readers to know the definition involved in gun control; you can now move to the body of the essay. All the important facts that are available to you must be presented here.

Use studies that have been conducted on the topic in the past to get additional info on the topic.

Depending on the stand that you are taking (either for or against); you can use points that are in favor of your standpoint to buttress your facts. 

If you are writing against the law, show proof that it is a means of self-defense. If you are for the law, you are to cite cases of people that have been sent to their early grave.

Quotable quotes

When you include quotes that are relevant to your point of argument, it will go all the way to earn you the marks. Let the quote be from a credible source and in line with your area of argument. Take a look at this example: 

” Gun control does not decrease gun ownership by criminals but instead reduces their incentives to refrain from violence because it decreases the supply of armed law-abiding citizens who might resist them” – John McGinnis.

After marshaling all the points in the body of your essay, you are expected to finish very powerfully with a strong conclusion. Give a summary of the points here and highlight the most important points of your argument. Present a strong conclusion drawn from the facts that you have presented in your paper.

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